2D Modelling
    • 28 Oct 2022
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    2D Modelling

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    This section of the manual is all about 2D modelling.

    Flood Modeller's 2D solvers can be used to model flows and water-levels in any location where ground elevation data is available. Further, Flood Modeller’s 2D GPU solver can deliver significant speed increases, whilst retaining similar levels of detail and accuracy, when compared to the standard 2D TVD solver.

    Flood Modeller's 2D solvers compute flow depths and discharges using a method based on the two-dimensional Saint-Venant equations. Three solver schemes are provided for CPU-based simulations, and single or double-precision accuracy is available.

    Flood Modeller also provides the option to create fully integrated simulations, linking 2D components with 1D river and/or 1D urban components.

    A 2D simulation requires details about the 2D Domain (the area to be modelled).

    The roughness of an area, alongside other topographic Structures and Features such as areas of high ground or hydraulic structures, can also be specified.

    A 2D simulation also requires Boundary information to detail the flow entering / leaving the system. The location of the boundary line(s) and the flow data itself are both necessary.

    When considering direct rainfall, we recommend the use of double precision. Often rainfall flood depths are small and without double precision, "small" cell volumes can be lost (rounded to zero). This can lead to significant overall losses and larger mass balance errors.

    When setting up 2D Simulations, the timing and simulation type must be provided, alongside the domain and boundary details. This is also where you can select to use the GPU solver if desired.

    By default, depth, elevation, flow and velocity data are all calculated within your 2D Results. Additional outputs are also available.

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