2D Results
    • 21 Jun 2023
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    2D Results

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    On completion of a 2D simulation, you can Load 2D results to visualise directly in the Map view of the interface. From here, you can also Animate 2D results. Flood Modeller also provides functionality to Load 2D diagnostics and the 2D flood extent into the interface. 

    The 2D flood map tool can be used to create the flood extent outline (for example, in Google Earth format), or flood depth grids. 

    It is also possible to produce a variety of plots to visualise your 2D data. These include 2D time series plots, cross-sectional data plots, 2D flow line plots, and 2D plots using 1D embedded structures

    The 2D Flood Calculator tool can be used to convert 2D results into flood depth grids and flood extent shapefiles. A clear way to display event duration data is as a grid where the vertical scale, i.e. colour scale, represents total time when a threshold water level was exceeded. 

    Flood Modeller provides The flood event duration tool to produce these data from any 2D model result (including TUFLOW results). You may also find it helpful to View the grid elevation of each cell within your 2D simulation results, or to Create a new colour ramp for the result layers.

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