Standalone licences
    • 05 Sep 2023
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    Standalone licences

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    This article contains details about your standalone licence, and how to troubleshoot any issues you may have with accessing the software.

    Accessing your licence

    To access a licence, you will need to activate the licence initially and will have received details from our support team to assist with this. This one-time activation is only required when you first receive your dongle.

    After activation, to access a standalone licence, ensure your dongle is plugged into your machine.

    Then simply double-click the Flood Modeller shortcut (or the executable) to open the software.

    Software will not open 

    On some systems, you may experience an issue when you first try to start Flood Modeller due to a failure within a third-party mapping component, or a recent Windows update. Details of both of these are provided below.

    Registration failure of mapping component

    To identify the issue:

    On trying to open Flood Modeller, the following error message appears


    To resolve the issue:

    1. Browse to the Flood Modeller\gui folder. By default, this is C:\Program Files\Flood Modeller\gui
    2. Locate the file regMapWinGIS.cmd in this folder, right-click on the file and select Run as Administrator from the displayed menu
    3. A Command Prompt window displays progress as the program runs. Upon completion of the program the window will close automatically
    4. Double-click the Flood Modeller shortcut (or the executable) to open the software.

    Windows update issue

    To identify the issue:

    On trying to open Flood Modeller, the loading "splash screen" pops up briefly and then vanishes, but the software does not open.

    To resolve the issue:

    1. Make sure Flood Modeller isn't running - so if you tried starting it and it failed, check there is no Flood Modeller reference still in your system Task Manager (and use End Process to remove if there is a reference there)
    2. Browse to the folder C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\Local\Jacobs
    3. Locate the most recent folder that begins FloodModeller.exe_, e.g. this might look something like this: FloodModeller.exe_Url_vi3plc0tmtpuviiryv33ixdzbwiujpxw
    4. Right-click on this folder and select Delete
    5. Double-click the Flood Modeller shortcut (or the executable) to open the software.

    Not licensed for remote sessions

    It is not possible to remotely connect to your Flood Modeller standalone licence. Your dongle must be plugged into the machine you are using at all times.

    If you require the ability to connect to a licence in this manner, a network licence would be more suited to your needs. Please contact to discuss upgrading to a network licence.

    Licence not found

    If your dongle is plugged in and on opening the software, you receive the pop-up No licence found, it may be that there is a fault on the hardware itself. Further details on how to check your dongle is being recognised are provided in the Additional licensing details section.

    If the dongle is recognised, initially please confirm the licence is not already in use (i.e. you do not already have Flood Modeller open). Your dongle only allows for a single version of the Flood Modeller interface to be open at any time.

    If the software is not in use, the most common cause is that your licence is out of date for the version of Flood Modeller you are trying to open.

    Please be aware a v5 licence will only work for Flood Modeller v5.1 and earlier. A v6 licence will only work for Flood Modeller v6.0 and later.

    Confirm you are opening the version of Flood Modeller that matches your licence, as per the note above. To update your licence, please contact

    If you still experience an issue opening the software and need further assistance, please copy and paste the below into Windows File Explorer to locate your latest logfile, and send this through to

    %appdata%\Flood Modeller\logs

    Issue running a model

    If you can open the software successfully but receive a licensing error when running simulations, check the number of nodes and/or cells within your model. You may need an add-on or a different edition of the software. 

    The limits for the  Lite, Standard and Professional editions of Flood Modeller are as follows:


    1D solver nodes (River & Urban)

    2D solver grid cells










    A detailed list of available features provided with each edition of Flood Modeller can be found on our website. If your licence does not provide the required functionality, add-ons are available as both long-term purchases and short-term rentals. Please contact for further information.

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