Urban Conduits
    • 23 Sep 2022
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    Urban Conduits

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    Article Summary

    Details of the pipes connecting all your nodes are specified in Conduit links. These allow water to flow between the nodes.

    The geometry of the Conduit can be selected from a vast array of pre-set shapes, or a custom shape can be defined. Alongside the roughness, a variety of other parameters can be defined, and a flapped gate can be added to prevent backflow if applicable.

    Flood Modeller allows you to Draw a new conduit link using the map, and the length of the conduit can be automatically calculated based on this line, if you desire.

    Functionality is provided to easily Delete conduit links and multiple options to View link properties enable you to edit parameters when Working with conduit links. For visual purposes, it is also possible to Edit conduit vertices (and add new vertices to your conduit links) and move these on the map as required.

    In additional to editing urban Conduit links individually, the urban Multi Edit & View tool is designed to easily Visualise urban networks and Edit multiple components of urban networks.

    Your network may also consist of structures and features such as pumps to allow water to be lifted to higher elevations, or devices used to regulate flows within the system, such as weirs. These can be represented using the other available link types - Weir, Orifice, Pump and Outlet. These are explained further in the Urban Structures and Features section.

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