Urban Results
    • 03 Aug 2022
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    Urban Results

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    Article Summary

    The Results tab provides functionality for visualising charts and plots from your 1D urban simulations. All charts can be fully customised to your specifications.

    Time series plots allow you to plot multiple variables, from multiple nodes and links, over a specified time range.

    Long section plots show the water level along the most direct “route” between any two specified nodes. These plots can also be animated to show the water level adjust over time.

    XY series plots are scatter plots set by default to display node depth and link flow on the y-axis against node head on the x-axis. Any available output variables can be selected for plotting, over multiple nodes and links if desired.

    There are also options to View the status report (showing the log file) and to View the results summary from your simulation, to further aid result analysis.

    More on 1D urban modelling

    You now have reached the end of the 1D urban modelling section. You may also be interested in linking your 1D urban network to a 1D river network or to 2D components. Details of this can be found in the Integrated Modelling section of this manual.

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