Standalone licence activation
    • 20 Nov 2023
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    Standalone licence activation

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    Article summary

    This guide should be followed to activate your new Standalone Flood Modeller licence. The final section of this guide provides Additional licensing details you may find useful. 

    Please note - if the email from our support team did not direct you to this article, please follow the instructions provided within the email, and not the ones below.

    You should have:
    Dongle - please check your tracking information if this is yet to arrive
    Unique activation link - this can be found within the email you received from our team
    Container ID - also referred to as a WIBU ID, this was sent within your tracking information 

    To activate your licence:

    1. Install Flood Modeller onto your machine, if you haven’t already.
    2. Plug in your dongle.
    3. Open your unique activation link in Chrome or Edge. Your unique activation link can be found within the email you received from our team.
    4. Click the green button Activate Licenses
    5. Ensure the container ID is showing in the Select Container field. Your container ID can be found within the tracking information for your dongle.
      You may be charged if the licence is applied to the wrong container.
    6. Click the green button Activate Selected Licenses Now
    7. A pop-up will confirm the licence transfer has completed successfully. Click OK to close the pop-up. You can now close the browser window.
    8. Open Flood Modeller (with your dongle plugged in) to begin modelling.

    Additional licensing details

    No internet connection

    For machines that do not have direct internet access, an intermediate machine is used to exchange the necessary files with our licensing portal to activate and update the licence. No software is required to be installed on the intermediate machine. Please contact for guidance on this approach if needed. 

    Confirming your dongle is recognised

    On rare occasions, there is a fault on the licensing hardware and the dongle is not recognised. 

    Open CodeMeter Control Center and in the License tab, you should see at least one entry like the one shown here. If you can see this entry, your dongle is working as expected.

    If the dongle does not appear in the CodeMeter Control Center, try the troubleshooting options below. After each option below, check CodeMeter Control Center again to see if the dongle is now recognised.

    1. Try another USB port
    2. Reboot the machine
    3. Restart the CodeMeter service via the CodeMeter Control Center:
      • Go to Process > Restart CodeMeter Service; or
      • Go to Process > Stop CodeMeter Service. Then Process > Start CodeMeter Service.

    If the above options fail consistently for each available USB port, please contact us at

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