What is Hydrology+?
    • 27 Jun 2024
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    What is Hydrology+?

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    Hydrology+ Overview

    Hydrology+ incorporates a suite of features added to Flood Modeller through 2024 providing full UK hydrological analysis capability made possible by our exclusive collaboration with Wallingford Hydrosolutions.

    Hydrology+ provides a seamless workflow from data collection, through hydrological analysis, hydraulic modelling and reporting, including integration with national hydrological datasets and industry standard hydrology software in ReFH2 and WINFAP.

    Hydrology+ Database

    The new Hydrology database is at the centre of Hydrology+, providing a common data environment to manage hydrological data and analysis, simplifying file and data management and enabling workflow automation, driving efficiency and ensuring users can find the data they need with confidence.

    Data Collection and Management

    Data discovery, collection and management are key components of Hydrology+ introduced with version 7.0 of Flood Modeller. Users can use Flood Modeller to:

    • Find UK river gauges from the Environment Agency and UKCEH National River Flow Archive (NRFA), with billions of data points for river flow and level data going back over 100 years.
    • Visualise hydrometric data within Flood Modeller directly, no need to download or request information.
    • Connect data to Flood Modeller simulations as both boundary conditions and calibration files.
    • Export data in common formats for further analysis.

    Flood Modeller also allow import of UKCEH FEH data from FEH Online, allowing you to access all purchased data for review and use in analysis. Flood Modeller allows catchment descriptors to be revised and updated, with changes tracked, ensuring data provenance and analysis documentation.

    Hydrological Analysis

    Working in partnership with Wallingford Hydrosolutions, Hydrology+ brings full integration between Flood Modeller, ReFH2 and WINFAP. The full integration of workflows allows flood analysis to be quickly and consistently completed, with all results securely stored in the Hydrology+ database. Users can also inspect and visualise results directly in Flood Modeller. Workflows have been extended to include reconciliation of flood estimates, application of climate change allowances and sensitivity testing.

    Connect Hydrology and Models

    Hydrology+ workflows have been optimised to allow rapid application of hydrology to model simulations, with direct connection to 1D and 2D models via the hydrograph library. Users can apply hydrology as both FEH22 rainfall profiles or flood hydrographs. Adoption of hydrograph libraries allows rapid switching between flood events and clear documentation of boundary sources.

    Simulation Builder (coming in version 7.2)

    Easily and logically build a suite of simulations by utilising hydrological data and analysis stored in the hydrology database to generate a simulation schedule.

    Enabling modellers to quickly build all required simulations in a structured and automated way, saving time and reducing risk of error.

    Report Builder (coming in version 7.2)

    Helping users to rapidly achieve regulatory approval and project sign-off, Hydrology+ will introduce automated report generation. Drawing on the hydrology database, users can quickly produce pro-forma reports aligned to regulator needs, including figures, maps and charts. Report Builder will drive consistency in deliverables as well as saving time and reducing error. 

    User Feedback

    Hydrology+ brings significant changes to development of UK hydrology estimates and application to models, this is the first stage in the evolution of these tools and we welcome your feedback and suggestions for further refinements. Please contact support@floodmodeller.com with any feedback.

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