How does my Flood Modeller licence work? (Technical Reference)
  • 11 Oct 2023
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How does my Flood Modeller licence work? (Technical Reference)

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Article Summary

A Flood Modeller network licence enables a single user to run up to a certain number of concurrent simulations using the same network licence (depending on edition: Unlimited gives 4 instances, Professional gives 3 instances, Standard gives 2 instances, Lite gives 1 instance). A single user is defined as a user with the same username, using the same machine (hostname, IP Address, etc.) and other limitations placed by the WIBU StationShare methodology (see definitions below). In practice, each user physically or remotely logged on a machine acquires one licence and is able to run up to four/three/two/one instances of Flood Modeller Unlimited/Professional/Standard/Lite with any additional modules (if purchased). Network licences of Flood Modeller use two licensing models: StationShare and UserLimit. This behaviour is inherited from the Codemeter licencing system provided by WIBU. The definition of these two licence models according to Codemeter documentation is:

  • UserLimit: this is used to control the number of licences issued; for each started instance of Flood Modeller, exactly one licence is allocated. The number of licences available for use under UserLimit is equal to the number of Flood Modeller licences available.
  • StationShare: this is effectively used as a "counter" of the number of concurrent simulations; for each combination of machine+user+session, only four (4) instances of Flood Modeller Unlimited (or 3 for Professional, 2 for Standard, 1 for Lite) are allowed and one licence is allocated. StationShare licences cannot be shared between sessions.

For example, one user of the Professional edition trying to run two models on one machine will need to be allocated one licence with UserLimit and two licences with StationShare. In order to clarify the terminology for the StationShare model, the following terms are explained:

  • Machine: any physical or virtual machine that acts as a client, meaning it is requesting licences from a server machine.
  • User: any user of the machine that has a unique login ID.
  • Session: any local or remote access of a user to a machine. Not related to Flood Modeller instances.

There is a caveat for remote sessions. Every time a user logs on a Windows 10 machine using remote session, a different session/user ID is assigned to them. Any attempt to run a new instance of Flood Modeller will make the software seek for a new set of licence (UserLimit + StationShare), even if any previous sessions of the same user, on the same machine have unused StationShare licences.

If you are still having issues with installation and licensing, please contact for information about new licences.

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