Create a container context file
  • 10 Oct 2022
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Create a container context file

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In some cases, you will be asked to send us a context file from your container. This is usually referred to as a licence update request file. The file extension is wibucmrac, hence also referred to as 'rac' file.

Common reasons to send a context file:

  1. We need to investigate a potential licence issue on your behalf.
  2. The container is created using our legacy licence system (before web portal).
  3. We need a so-called 'receipt file' to update our system with the contents of your container.

To create a context file:

  1. Open Codemeter Control Center from the System Tray or the Windows Start Menu.
  2. From the pane on the left, select the container providing the licences.
  3. Click on License Update. See above figure for guidance (green annotation).
  4. In the new dialog window that appears, please select either Create license request or Create receipt (as instructed by your Flood Modeller support engineer) and then Next.
  5. For a licence request, a new dialog appears asking you to choose between Extend existing license and Add license of a new vendor. Again, please follow the instructions from your Flood Modeller support engineer. If this page does not appear, you may ignore this step.
  6. Choose the location to save the licence update request file and click Commit. Please note that both the request and receipt context files share the same extension wbucmrac. It is safe to rename them if it is convenient for you, but it is good practice to keep the container ID in the name.
  7. Please send the newly created context file (extension wibucmrac) to

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