Cloud licence activation
    • 06 Sep 2023
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    Cloud licence activation

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    Article Summary

    This guide should be followed to activate your new Cloud licence. The final section of this guide provides Additional licensing details you may find useful. 

    Please note - if the email from our support team did not direct you to this article, please follow the instructions provided within the email, and not the ones below.

    You should have:
    Activation file (extension .wbc) - this can be found within the email you received from our team

    For your networked cloud licence, you will require a machine to act as the licence server. All user machines will be need to be configured to locate the licence(s) from the server. The server can be one of the user machines.

    On the server:

    1. Install CodeMeter, or if the server is one of the user machines, install the software (CodeMeter is included automatically).
    2. Save the licence file (extension .wbc) to a location on the server.
    3. Open CodeMeter Control Center from the System Tray or the Windows Start Menu.
    4. Drag and drop the licence file (extension .wbc) onto CodeMeter Control Center. 
    5. Once the container is installed, it appears in the list on the left hand-side of CodeMeter Control Center window. Confirm the URL is and the status is Connected.
    6. Within CodeMeter Control Center, click on the WebAdmin button.
    7. A webpage will appear. Hover over the Configuration tab, then select Server.
    8. Make sure that in the Network Server field, the Enable radio button is selected.
    9. Keep a note of the port being used for the communications of CodeMeter Service. You may need to open this port on your network.

    To increase the resilience of the service, it is also possible to Change the network timeout period and the UPD waiting time.

    On the user machines:

    This process must be carried out on each user machine. The process below is for manual deployment; for automatic deployment, please see the Additional licensing details section below.

    1. Install the software. CodeMeter will be installed automatically.
    2. Open Codemeter Control Center from the System Tray or the Windows Start Menu, and click on the WebAdmin button.
    3. A webpage will appear. Select the Configuration tab.
    4. Click on Add New Server. If you do not have the relevant rights to do this, please ask for assistance from your IT for the following steps.
    5. Enter the IP or alias (name) of the licence server.
    6. Click Add, then Apply.
    7. Repeat steps 4-6 as needed if multiple servers are used.
    At this point the licences should be available. Please close any instances of Flood Modeller to allow the software to pick up licences correctly. Although unlikely, the CodeMeter service might need to be restarted. Most systems have limited rights to perform the restart of this service, in which case rebooting the machine is often easier.

    Additional licensing details

    Automatic deployment

    If multiple machines are going to use Flood Modeller it may be useful to automate the addition of licence server(s) by either of the two ways below:

    1. From Command line run:
      cmu32 --add-server
    2. Modify the registry key at
      Add a new key for each, e.g. Server1, Server2 etc. and within this add a new string value of Address and set this to the IP address of the server.

    Changing licence server

    Changing the licence server can be done at any time with a Cloud (flexible) network licence at no additional cost. Simply follow the steps above on your new server. The .wbc file can be saved on as many machines as required. The .wbc can only be dragged into CodeMeter on two machines at any time, therefore it is recommended to remove the file from CodeMeter on unused servers. This can be done using the Remove button in CodeMeter Control Center, or programmatic removal via Command line run as below.

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin\cmu32.exe" --delete-cmcloud-credentials --serial <mask>-<serial>

    where <mask>-<serial> is the WIBU ID found on the left-hand side of CodeMeter Control Center.

    No internet connection

    An internet connection is required at all times for a Cloud network licence.

    Confirm your licence is recognised

    On rare occasions, there is a fault and the licence is not recognised. 

    On the server, open CodeMeter Control Center and in the License tab, you should see at least one entry like the one shown here. If such an entry exists, please ensure that the the URL is and the status is Connected

    If such an entry does NOT exist or the status is other than Connected, please contact us at

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