Urban network panel
  • 23 Aug 2022
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Urban network panel

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The 1D Urban Network panel is accessed via the third icon in the right-hand panel group by default. The panel is split into two view modes; Nodes and Links.


Nodes/Links view mode

The 1D Urban Network panel shows the nodes and links in the currently loaded, active urban network. The nodes are shown in the Nodes tab, and the links in the Links tab.

Right-click menu functionality

The '1D Urban Network' panel contains three options in the right-click menu. The only difference in this between the two view modes is whether the functionality applies to nodes or links.

  • Go to Selected Nodes (if on the Nodes tab, Go to Selected Links if on Links tab) - Selecting this option causing the map to zoom in on the nodes or links currently selected in the table.

  • View/Edit Properties - Selecting this option will open the node or link properties in a new window.

  • Delete Node(s) (if on the Nodes tab, Delete Link(s) if on Links tab) - Selecting this option will delete the selected nodes or links.

A fourth option becomes available via this right-click menu when 2D linking is active.

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