Timesteps panel
  • 01 Aug 2022
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Timesteps panel

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The Time Steps panel window is used to display the results of the 1D or 2D models at any specific time within the simulation length. Often, it is of interest to the modellers to visualise how the flood propagates with time, and this panel can help you carry out this operation.

Loading the model results

To use the Time Steps panel, model results should first be loaded in Flood Modeller:

  1. Load a 1D (.htn and associated files) or a 2D (.2dm) model result by clicking the ‘Add GIS Data’ button in the ‘GIS Data’ group tool under the Home tab of the Flood Modeller interface.

  2. A pop-up window will be shown allowing you to choose the available timesteps from the result. For a 1D model result, you may choose to load the maximum values only (this is the default) or both the minimum and maximum values; otherwise untick the checkboxes ‘Use only Max values’ or ‘Use only Min and Max values’ to allow you to choose one or multiple timesteps from the left panel.

For 2D model results, all the timesteps including the maximum values will be loaded by default.

Using the Time Steps Panel

Once the results are loaded, select the ‘Time Steps’ tab from the right panel of the Flood Modeller interface as shown below. All the timesteps for the selected model results are shown here (i.e. the highlighted dataset in the Layers panel) . Snapshot outputs can be visualised by simply scrolling up and down via the scrollbar or the up and down arrow buttons. Notice how the flood extent changes with every timestep in an animation-like manner.

There are three options available to the user to show the times (i.e. as relevant to the simulation time).

  • Absolute time – result begins with the actual start time of the model simulation.

  • Relative time – the shown time instances are relative (regardless of the actual start time of the model simulation), thus, it always begins with zero.

  • Real values – time are shown in decimal numbers.

Note that if a different GIS dataset , which is not a model result type file, is selected then the Timestep tab will be empty.

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