The XY Series Selection Window - Urban Results
    • 05 Aug 2022
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    The XY Series Selection Window - Urban Results

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    The XY Series Selection (Urban Results) window is accessed via the XY Series button on the Results tab (when in 1D Urban selection mode).

    Alternatively, this is accessed via the right-click menu (from the map or network table) of a selected node/link.

    The window contains options related to visualising an XY Series Plot (Urban Results).


    Node selection

    The Node/Item Selection tab is shown by default. The list displays all nodes/links available for plotting from your active 1D urban network. Those currently selected are indicated by a checkbox, and these are also displayed in the Selected Nodes/Items tab on the right.

    Search Box is provided to easily locate nodes/link within the Node/Item Selection tab.

    Result file selection

    Results Files

    Loaded results files available for plotting are displayed in a list. A checkbox is provided to select to plot from each data file.

    By default, this list will be populated with any available results files from the simulation associated to the active urban network. If the simulation has not been run to generate results, this list will be empty by default.

    Add 1D Urban Results Files(s) 

    This button opens a standard Windows File Explorer window to allow you to navigate to the location of results files. The selected files (extension .out) should contain data associated to some or all of the nodes and links in the active network. Once loaded, the file will be added to the Results Files list displayed above the button. 

    Remove Selected File(s)

    This button removes selected files from the Results Files list displayed above the button. 

    Variable selection

    This table lists all possible variables available for plotting. The default variable selections are Node Depth and Link Flow for the y-axis and Node Head for the x-axis.

    Time range selection

    These fields contain the Start Time and End Time of the plot. Default values are the full range of the selected results file.

    Toolbar functionality


    This button opens an XY Series Plot (Urban Results) of the selected data.


    This button closes the XY Series Selection (Urban Results) window.

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