How to use keyboard shortcuts
  • 01 Aug 2022
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How to use keyboard shortcuts

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Carrying out work in Flood Modeller can be simplified by knowing about and using Flood Modeller's keyboard shortcuts.

Map view shortcuts



Zoom in (by 25%)

+ ('plus' key)

Zoom out (by 25%)

- ('minus' key)

Zoom to all

'Home' key

Move map up (by 25%)

â (down arrow) or 'x' key

Move map up (by 50%)

'PageDown' key

Move map down (by 25%)

á (up arrow) or 'w' key

Move map up (by 50%)

'PageUp' key

Move map to left (by 25%)

à (right arrow) or 'd' key

Move map to right (by 25%)

ß (left arrow) or 'a' key

Undo last moved node

'Ctrl + z' key

Toolbar menu shortcuts

The toolbar menu shortcuts work in a similar manner as within Microsoft office; pressing the 'Alt' key within Flood Modeller will display available shortcuts to the tabs on screen. With the shortcuts displayed, click the key of the displayed letter to jump to the corresponding tab.


Using this method to navigate to a tab will then display additional shortcuts for the functionality within that tab.


Additional shortcuts



Open project

Ctrl + O

Save project

Ctrl + S

New project

Ctrl + N

Open river network

Ctrl + Shift + O

Save river network

Ctrl + Shift + S

New river network

Ctrl + Shift + N

Add GIS data

Ctrl + Insert

New shapefile

Ctrl + Shift + Insert

New WMS layer

Ctrl + W

Zoom in

Ctrl + +

Zoom out

Ctrl + -

Pan map

Ctrl + P

Zoom undo

Ctrl + Shift + Z

Zoom redo

Ctrl + Shift + Y

Zoom to full extent

Ctrl + 0

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