How to speed up licence searches
    • 11 Oct 2023
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    How to speed up licence searches

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    Article Summary

    When using Flood Modeller there are various times when the software will search for an appropriate licence. You can configure the software to optimise this, for example to speed up the search for your licence.

    To speed up your licence searching:

    1. Completely close Flood Modeller
    2. Locate your formsed.ini file. By default, this is located here:
      C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Roaming\Flood Modeller
    3. Open the formsed.ini file within a text editor
    4. Navigate to the [Preferences] section
    5. Add/adjust the lines* within this section in accordance with how you access your licence; these lines can be added anywhere within the [Preferences] block:

      Licence accessed via:

      Line in formsed.ini

      Dongle plugged into your PC

      No lines necessary - by default the licence searching is optimised for this setup

      File installed onto your PC


      or PREFERREDDONGLETYPE=UFC (v6.0 onwards)

      Network licence


      or PREFERREDDONGLETYPE=UFC (v6.0 onwards)


    6. Save and close the formsed.ini file
    7. Open Flood Modeller and enjoy your optimised licence searches

    *Please note other configurations are available for your formsed.ini and only the most common options are provided on this page. For a full list of configuration options, please view the page Preferential licence searching - All configuration options. For further assistance, please contact

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