How to run a 1D river simulation
    • 03 Aug 2022
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    How to run a 1D river simulation

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    An individual 1D river simulation can be run in several ways.

    • Highlight the relevant simulation file (ief file) in the simulations section of the Project panel and select the Run button in the Simulation tab of the main toolbar


    • Or right-click on the relevant simulation file in the Project panel and select Open from the displayed menu. This will open the 1D simulation window in which you can check and modify model parameters and then click the Run button to start the simulation.

    • Or double -click on the relevant simulation file in the Project panel. This will also open the 1D simulation window. In addition, the model file will be set “active”, which means that Flood Modeller will read the content and make the associated 1D network active in the map view and network table (automatically adding the network to your project first if necessary).

    When you run a simulation, a new window will appear in front of the main interface to show progress through the simulation. This will update every few seconds, so initially will contain no data until the first refresh occurs.

    Some examples of how the simulation progress window can be configured during a simulation are shown below:


    Options are provided to change the data plotted or displayed in the table. Furthermore, you can zoom in on any part of the displayed chart in order to access more detailed information. To zoom you need to hold down the shift key and then drag a zoom area on the graph (Alt + mouse click to zoom out). Alternatively, you can also use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out after clicking on the graph. If you do zoom in, it is best to zoom all the way out before switching plot type.

    At the end of a simulation the progress bar will turn green (if 100% is successfully reached) or red (if the model failed to complete).

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