How to add a WMS layer to your favourites
    • 12 Oct 2022
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    How to add a WMS layer to your favourites

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    Web Map Services (WMS) return the image of a map. Web Feature Services (WFS) can have attributes alongside geometry. Flood Modeller provides selected WMS and WFS layers as georeferenced map images to assist with visualisation of models. Flood Modeller provides functionality to Add a WMS layer to your project, and these can also be added to your favourites to enable quick and easy access across multiple projects.

    In the following guide and video, we refer to WMS layers only, however the same functionality applies for WFS layers.

    To add a WMS layer to your favourites:

    1. Open the Online Web Services window and navigate to the layer of interest. Refer to this guide on how to Add a WMS layer to your project if needed.
    2. In Online Web Services window, click on the layer, and then right-click and select Add to Favourites. A star icon will be displayed to the left of the layer name. Repeat this process for multiple layers if required.
    3. To remove a layer from your favourites, select the layer and right-click, then select Remove from Favourites.
    4. Click Close to exit the Online Web Services window.
    5. On the Home tab, within the Mapping section on the far right, click the dropdown below the Online Services icon. Layers added to your favourites will now be listed. Select the layer to add it to your Project.
    6. The WMS layer will be added in the Layers panel and the Map view. Please note WMS layers only show in the Map view at appropriate zoom level resolutions.
    7. Additional information on visualisation of WMS layers is provided in this guide on how to Add a WMS layer to your project.

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