Upgrade a licence
  • 07 Sep 2023
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Upgrade a licence

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Article Summary

Your Flood Modeller licence can be upgraded at any time to best suit your modelling needs. Contact our sales team to discuss your options to

  • access larger models
  • run additional simulations
  • increase your available licences
  • upgrade to a network licence

Additionally, your licence will need to be renewed annually, whether it's for an annual subscription or support and maintenance renewal. Our team will get in touch when your renewal is due.

Among other benefits, renewals enable users to access the most up-to-date version of the software. As long as the annual renewal update is applied, all users can download and install the latest version on their machines as soon as it becomes available.

Both annual renewals and upgrades to your licences will require an update to be applied the licence server (or to your standalone dongle). You must apply this update for the change to take affect. To access the latest version of the software, you then must also download and install this on each user machine.

For full details on all options available, please read more on our Pricing page, or contact us at sales@floodmodeller.com.

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