1D river simulations - snapshots tab
    • 05 Aug 2022
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    1D river simulations - snapshots tab

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    The snapshots tab enables you to specify up to a maximum of ten snapshot files - files which contain a results table in the same format as a steady results (*.zzs) file - per simulation. The primary advantage of this is it enables you to specify a file at a particular time, which can subsequently be used as initial conditions to 'hot-start' a further simulation.Alternatively, this feature can be used to tabulate results for ease of viewing at a particular moment in time.


    The snapshots must be specified before a simulation is undertaken. To create results tables after a simulation, use the Tabular postprocessors (or re-run the simulation with snapshots).

    For each snapshot required, you must enter a time (in hours) at which to output the result file, as well as a file name. The Add button can be used to insert a new row into the table, which will take you to a file dialog from which to select a file. You must then enter the appropriate time in the adjacent column. Alternatively, the Snapshot Frequency at regular intervals may be used in conjunction with the Snapshot Interval fields, which will auto-populate the Time column in the table. You will then have to input the file name in each adjoining column.

    To remove the currently selected row from the grid, or to move it up or down, use the Remove, arrow up or arrow down buttons respectively.

    You will always be asked whether you would like to update or clear the Snapshot grid when switching between User Specified and Regular Interval snapshot frequencies, or when altering the frequency of regular intervals.

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