Version 6.0
  • 21 Mar 2023
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Version 6.0

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Flood Modeller v6.0 comes complete with a whole host of new functionality and features, as well as improvements to current functionality to further enhance the user experience. These are summarised below for your convenience.

Viewing and editing networks

The new urban Multi-Edit & View tool is designed to quickly and easily analyse the multiple components of your urban network. You can Visualise urban networks using the edit and view tool, and functionality is also provided to Edit urban networks using the edit and view tool. An alternative method for adjusting parameters within urban networks is via the urban group edit tool.

Alongside the option to edit river networks within the properties of the individual nodes, Flood Modeller provides a range of tools to edit the properties for multiple nodes at once. Enhanced documentation is now provided explaining how it is possible to Globally edit river-bed elevation provided you have Defined special markers for each of the River Section nodes to be adjusted.

Basemaps and WMS layers

Web map services (WMS) layers are georeferenced map images to assist with visualisation of models. Flood Modeller v6.0 provides a new tool to Add a WMS layer to a project. For WMS layers you use frequently, you can also Add a WMS layer to your favourites for even easier access. Several additional Basemapping options are also available.

Enhanced simulation outputs

At simulation runtime, a variety of information is displayed, including several parameters and multiple graphs. It is now possible to Save and review simulation runtime summary data so it can be referred to after a simulation has completed. Many parameters can be output from simulations, including depths and velocities. Flood Modeller v6.0 provides functionality to calculate four additional outputs related to Calculating  shear stress within 2D simulations.

New licensing structure

To provide new and existing users with more functionality, greater flexibility and further cost savings, we have launched a new licensing structure as part of Flood Modeller 6.0. With four editions of the software now available on a monthly, annual or lifetime basis, each one provides you with everything you need to undertake fully integrated catchment modelling.

The GPU solver

In the latest  beta release stage, you can harness the power of modern GPU  hardware by Using the 2D GPU Solver for more model setups than ever before.  With the appropriate GPU Solver Requirements, increase productivity with significant speed increases of up to 94% compared to CPU simulation runs. 

...and so much more!

Full details on all new functionality and solver enhancements can be found in the v6.0 release notes available here:

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