Network Licence Administrator Guidance
  • 10 Oct 2022
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Network Licence Administrator Guidance

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The following guidance assumes that the licence has been previously installed on your licence hosting server as per the relevant methods. For example the USB dongle is plugged in, or the virtual licence (including cloud) is installed.

This guide is split into two sections. The first one refers to the server-side settings and the second one to the client-side settings. Both sections are relevant to IT and/or administrators setting up the environment (server and client machines). The second one is also relevant to the end users of the software as a quick reference to check their setup is correct.

If you are installing a Flood Modeller licence for the first time, please download and install Codemeter User Runtime for Windows from WIBU's download page. This should be installed on the server before proceeding.

For client machines, Codemeter Runtime is included in the installer.

Licence Server Configuration

  1. Open Codemeter Control Center from the System Tray or the Windows Start Menu.
  2. Click on the WebAdmin button.
  3. Alternatively to step 2, you may open an internet browser and type http://localhost:22352/dashboard.html or just click this link.
  4. A webpage will appear.
  5. Hover over the Configuration tab. Then select Server.
  6. Make sure that in the Network Server field, the Enable radio button is selected. Keep a note of the port being used for the communications of Codemeter Service. You may need to open this port on your network.

There is an optional step in case there is a need to increase the resilience of the service. You may do so by adjusting the waiting time on UDP or the network timeout period via the following method.

  1. Hover over the Configuration tab. Then select Advanced.
  2. On the page that opens, select the Extra tab.
  3. Edit the values in the Network Advanced field accordingly.

Client Machine Configuration

  1. Open Codemeter Control Center from the System Tray or the Windows Start Menu.
  2. Click on the WebAdmin button.
  3. Alternatively to step 2, you may open an internet browser and type http://localhost:22352/dashboard.html.
  4. A webpage will appear.
  5. Select the Configuration tab.
  6. Click on Add New Server.
  7. Enter the IP or alias (name) of the licence server.
  8. Click Add, then Apply.
  9. Repeat steps 6-8 as needed if multiple servers are used.
Note for end-users 1
From step 6 onward, you may need to have the relevant rights to change the configuration of your machine. If that is the case, please ask assistance from your IT.
Note for end-users 2
At this point the licences should be available. Please close any instances of Flood Modeller to allow the software to pick up licences correctly. Although unlikely, Codemeter service might need to be restarted. Most systems have limited rights to perform the restart of this service. So, rebooting the machine might be the easiest way to go.

Automatic deployment

If multiple machines are going to use Flood Modeller it may be useful to automate the addition of licence server(s) by either of the two ways below:

  1. From Command line run:
    cmu32 --add-server
  2. Modify the registry key at
    Add a new key for each, e.g. Server1, Server2 etc. and within this add a new string value of Address and set this to the IP address of the server.

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