The Long Section Plot Window - River Results
    • 23 Oct 2022
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    The Long Section Plot Window - River Results

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    The Long Section Plot (River Results) window is accessed via the Plot button on the Long Section Selection (River Results) window.

    The plot window provides a top Toolbar including a button to access the Quick-Edit Tool. Additional functionality is also available via the right-click menu.


    Quick-Edit functionality

    The button in the top left of the plot window opens the Quick Edit tool for the current plot. This tool provides access to the most common chart editing functions, categorised into different tabs, as follows.


    This tab provides options to turn off/on series included in the plot. When a series is turned off from here, the reference to it will also be removed from the legend. Series can also be turned off on the plot by unticking the relevant checkbox in the legend.


    This tab provides options to set custom ranges and increment step sizes for all axes. You can also edit the axis titles.


    This tab provides options to show/hide the chart legend, and change legend location.


    This tab provides options to change colours, line and point styles and edit series titles.


    This tab provides options to customise chart title and sub-title (including option to hide sub-title). The automatic main title describes the type of chart, the simulation period the data are taken from and the node range selected. The automatic sub-titles define the results file locations for each dataset. This is to prevent long series titles in the legend – instead each series has a reference number, e.g. “(1)”, that relates to a results file listed in the sub-title.

    Toolbar functionality

    In addition to the Quick Edit Tool (see above), the chart toolbar also provides the following tools and functions:

    • Print chart – send chart display to a nominated printer
    • Copy chart  - copies to clipboard as image 
    • Save chart - saves as image file (multiple format options available, e.g. png, jpg, etc.). Save function also allows some customisation, e.g. resolution and extent of image file created. 
    • Return to chart setup window – displays the Long Section Selection (River Results) window again, enabling settings to be changed. 
    • Animation controller – Clicking the button reveals a secondary toolbar with animation controls, i.e. play, pause, step forward/back and record (toolbar also includes a time progress bar). These controls apply more to cross sections and long sections, but work for all chart types. They enable you to view the progression of results throughout a simulation.
    • Chart options – dropdown list that mimics the right-click menu on the chart. See below for further details.
    • Line width editing – quickly thicken all series lines on chart to aid viewing.
    • Zoom back to full extent 

    Right-click menu functionality

    The plot also includes a right-click menu with the following options:

    Quick Edit

    This opens the Quick-Edit chart formatting tool. Please see above for futher details.

    Edit Chart 

    This provides access to the full suite of chart formatting tools to create a custom chart (note these settings will not all be retained in subsequent charts).

    Print/Print Setup/Print Preview

    Options are provided to Print, and to access the Print Setup and Print Preview windows.

    Copy to Clipboard

    This provides two further options - to copy the chart image as metadata, or to copy the chart data in tab delimited format (to enable post-processing in other software, e.g. MS Excel)


    This allows for the chart to be exported. The format can be selected from various options, including .dxf format.

    Legend On

    This toggles the chart legend on/off. By default, the legend will be shown.

    Highlight Points

    With this turned on, each click on the chart will display the underlying data point. By default, this will be on.

    Show Chainage

    With this turned on, the chainage is shown on the chart. By default, this will be off.

    Legend Scrollbar

    This toggles the legend scrollbar on/off. By default, the scrollbar will be on.

    Show Results File List

    With this turned on, a list of the results files plotted is displayed. By default, this feature is turned on.

    Add/Edit/Remove Unsteady Results/Calibration Data

    This option returns to the Long Section Selection (River Results) window for further changes to chart setup to be specified.


    This opens the animation toolbar providing all animation functionality. Once the toolbar has been accessed, the record animation functionality (below) will also be available.

    Record Animation 

    Records the current animation. This option will be greyed-out until the animation toolbar has been accessed (above). 

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