Latest release notes
    • 22 Nov 2023
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    Latest release notes

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    Flood Modeller v7.0 is here!

    This version introduces our exciting new Hydrology+ features, and addresses a number of issues identified in previous versions.

    Introducing Hydrology+

    In this release, we introduce Flood Modeller’s cutting-edge Hydrology+ tools, designed to enhance and simplify your hydrological analysis. These features within Flood Modeller v7 are available for all network licence users.

    The new Hydrology+ tab includes functionality to view gauge stations and FEH catchment descriptors, integrating information from EA and NRFA sources, to offer a comprehensive view of hydrological data.

    Using FEH catchment descriptors from your hydrology database

    For your downloaded FEH catchments, importing the data to your personal hydrology database is intuitive. Once imported, this data can be used in all future sessions. The catchments can be displayed on the Map view, creating a visual representation of your hydrological landscape. You can explore your catchments effortlessly; toggle their display, or opt for the FEH tabular view to populate all catchments in a horizontal table.

    Using real-time gauge station data in a model

    For gauge stations, accessing real-time data has never before been this straightforward. You can easily load the gauge stations of interest, and in just a few mouse clicks, access data sourced directly from the EA and NRFA. Flood Modeller also simplifies the process of using this data within your analysis. Use the range calendar drop-down to precisely define your timeframe, or simply click-and-drag over the plot to zoom in on intricate details, ensuring you capture the exact data you need. Effortlessly export this data to an event file or .csv file, for use within your 1D and 2D models.

    Exported data files automatically include additional Metadata allowing you to confirm who has exported the data, from where, and on which date. This ensures a seamless process when passing models between team members, eliminating any confusion or possible human error.

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    The Hydrology+ tab

    Gauge Stations

    Additional enhancements

    A selection of minor new features and enhancements have also been added to the software for v7.0. These are detailed below.

    Enhanced diagnostics

    Additional information has been added to the 2D diagnostics to warn against a problematic setting of boundary or link elevation/depth cells that have only active neighbours. This enables the user to change the setting accordingly.

    Removed dependency on Access Database Engine

    Previously, a dependency on the Access Database Engine was causing errors as certain operating systems rejected this. The dependency has now been removed to resolve this issue.

    More accurate computation of velocity in the TVD solver

    Froude-based computation of the velocity at H-cells has been adopted for McCormackTVD (i.e. TVD). This results in increased accuracy for the computation of velocity in these specific scenarios.

    Enhanced 1D river unit editing

    The option in settings to keep both the plot and unit form on the screen together has been implemented. This improves the experience when editing 1D river units.

    Additional bug fixes

    A variety of bug fixes relating to both the user interfaces and solvers have also been addressed for v7.0. A selection of key items delivered in this release are listed below:

    • Drowning factor for flapped embedded structures may become NaN
    • Z-mod gives holes, and sets non-modded areas to constant value
    • Access violation in gdal.dll when running 2D simulations with z-mod
    • Loading XMDF results from project file or layer panel misses out "9999" step
    • RunOnly licences not picked up (by default/if forced)
    • 1D river timeseries plot showing 'Stage (mAD)' on the left axis instead of plotted variable's units
    • Z-Surface: appearance of triangles outside the polygon area
    • Missing timesteps from bed-shear CPU SMS outputs
    • Load z-mod check files not working
    • Embedded Structure .str files with comments cause solvers to fail
    • Fatal error caused by 2D embedded 1D structure interface, and on editing embedded structures
    • 2D Embedded 1D Structure Form not showing the structures shapefile attributes when Relative Paths are set
    • 2D GPU freezes on XMDF outputs of sediment properties and/or relative error
    • 2D GPU solver: elapsed, ETR and EFT timings reported to the LF2 are incorrect
    • Can't add new rows in 1D river data tables via arrow down/return, etc.
    • 1D River Network Table search tool not working

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