Download and install
    • 26 Oct 2023
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    Download and install

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    To install Flood Modeller, simply go to the Downloads section of the website and complete the form. A direct link to the download will then be emailed to you.

    It is recommended that you are logged on with Administrator rights when installing Flood Modeller.

    If upgrading from an older version, there is no need to uninstall your older version of Flood Modeller first. The installer will overwrite the existing installation of Flood Modeller. 

    An installation wizard is provided to automatically install all the required software, including necessary third-party components. In some rare circumstances, it may be useful to separately install these third-party components on certain systems.


    To install the latest version of CodeMeter User Runtime for Windows, visit the CodeMeter Download page.

    C++ Redistributables

    The C++ redistributables are available from the following page:

    Microsoft SQL Server Express

    Microsoft SQL Server Express is required for the Hydrology+ features in Flood Modeller and can be installed separately by obtaining the installer from here:

    To open the software after installation, you will need to be within 14 days of activating your trial licence, or ensured you have access to a full licence.

    Then simply double-click the Flood Modeller shortcut (or the executable) to open the software.

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