Hydrology+ tab
    • 22 Nov 2023
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    Hydrology+ tab

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    The Hydrology+ tab contains functionality specific to hydrological aspects of your model. 

    Select from the categories below for further details.


    ReFH Tools

    FSU Portal

    Gauging Stations

    FEH Catchment Descriptors


    This button provides access to the Hydrology+ tab within in the Application Settings.

    ReFH Tools

    Optimise Storm Duration

    This button provides access to the OSD tool. This tool can be used to allow the user to find what the duration of a storm would be required to achieve a maximum level or discharge at a location of interest. 

    Probabilistic ReFH

    This button provides access to the Probabilistic ReFH unit. Accessing the tool will display a new window into which the compatible hydrological boundaries (ReFH only) within your currently active 1D river network will be loaded automatically (a 1D network is required in order to use the tool).

    Flood Studies Update Web Portal (FSU Portal)

    This button provides access to the FSU Web Portal. The FSU Web Portal is a free-to-use suite of online design rainfall and flood estimation tools for Ireland. The FSU Research Programme was commissioned, managed, and funded by the Office of Public Works (OPW) and is a substantial update of the Flood Studies Report (NERC, 1975), that provided methodologies for flood estimation in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The FSU Web Portal is intended to be used by the OPW, Local Authorities, Third Level Institutions and Private Sector Practitioners and will be continually applied and referred to by professionals working in the area of flood risk assessment and management in Ireland. For further details please see https://opw.hydronet.com/

    Gauging Stations

    View river stations

    This dropdown provides access to EA and NRFA gauging stations to load and view on the map. 

    Show key

    This button opens a window displaying a key for the river gauging station icons. Users can check a box within this window to keep the key on top of other Flood Modeller windows.


    The river stations can be searched and selected simply by clicking on the Search box. By doing so, a window opens which shows all the river stations controlled and managed by NRFA.

    FEH Catchment Descriptors

    View FEH catchments

    This button acts as a toggle switch, allowing you to show or hide all your imported FEH catchments on the map. You need to download and import the catchments first, using the other buttons in this section (please see below).


    This button opens your default web browser and directs you to the FEH website login page. After logging in with your details, you can download the XML files for your FEH catchments.

    Import FEH

    This button opens a new window, enabling you to locate and open downloaded XML file(s). Once opened, these will be displayed on the map. You only need to add an XML file once to Flood Modeller; it will be stored for future use.

    The button Import batch... allows a user to browse to a (zipped) batch of catchment descriptor files. 

    For individual catchment descriptor file imports, the file can be browsed to using the Add file(s) button, or the files can be dragged and dropped into the window. Please note the associated boundary shapefile should be zipped and within the same location as the XML file.

    FEH tabular view

    This button populates all loaded FEH catchments into a horizontal table view, displaying catchment descriptors and general information. Tabular view also provides access to a right-click menu with options to view the catchment descriptor information, and to delete selected catchment descriptors.

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