• 27 Jun 2024
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    Answers to frequently asked questions about Hydrology+ are provided here.

    How up to date is the data in river gauge stations?
    Flood Modeller calls gauge data directly from providers (UKCEH and Environment Agency), hence represents the most current data available via these services. Please note, UKCEH data are generally updated annually. Environment Agency delay publishing observed data, so there will often be a gap between data displayed and most current records, with further information provided here.
    Why does my river gauge station have no label?
    If selecting a gauge does not display a label, click Settings in the top left of the Hydrology+ tab and ensure the second checkbox Show summary gauge information when selecting a gauge is checked on. Click Apply and then OK to save these changes.
    Why is the 'Export Boundary' button disabled in my river gauge station?
    For a single export, there must be less than 8 weeks of data displayed.  If more than 8 weeks is required, please undertake multiple exports.
    Why is 'Create calculation point' greyed out on some river gauge stations?
    A calculation point can only be created from NRFA gauge stations that have FEH catchment descriptors associated to them (Peak Flow stations). If the option is greyed out, it is because there are no catchment descriptors available. 
    Can I change the colour of my FEH catchment extents?
    Yes, the colour and transparency of your FEH catchment extents can be adjusted in the Application Settings. Note that you will have to close and reopen Flood Modeller (or delete and re-import the catchment descriptor) for the change to take affect.
    Can I remove FEH catchments?
    Yes. The option to delete is available from right-click menu from either Map view or FEH Tabular View. 
    Why can't I backup my hydrology database?
    Please ensure you have write permissions to the location your backup is being saved to.  
    Do I need a licence for ReFH2 and/or WINFAP to review H+ analysis?
    No, as long as you have access to a network licence for Flood Modeller, you can review all hydrological analyses, including ReFH2 and WINFAP outputs, with no need for additional software licences. A licence for ReFH2 or WINFAP is only required to start a new analysis with the respective software.
    How can I create a backup for my Hydrology+ database?
    Users are advised to backup the database regularly to mitigate the risk of data loss using functionality built into Flood Modeller. This article shows how to Create a database backup.
    Restoring database
    You can recover your Hydrology+ database from any previous backups you have created, ensuring no loss of critical analysis. This article shows how to Restore a database.

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