How to retrieve Flood Cloud results
  • 10 Mar 2023
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How to retrieve Flood Cloud results

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A feature of Flood Cloud is the ability to close the Flood Cloud interface while you have an active batch of cloud simulations running. On returning to the software, the current batch, or “job”, can be accessed through the ‘History’ window.

Initially, you need to be logged into your Flood Cloud account. Click on the ‘Settings’ button on the Flood Cloud toolbar to login via the Setup window. Alternatively, click directly on the ‘History’ button on the Flood Cloud toolbar for the following pop-up box to appear:


Click ‘Yes’ to be directed to the login tab of the Setup window. Enter your username and password (note - password is case sensitive) to login to your account. Tick the ‘Remember login details’ checkbox to save you from having to enter your login details every time.

Once logged into your account, click the ‘History’ button on the Flood Cloud toolbar. This will display a new window listing all recent jobs run under the currently logged in account, as follows:


To start downloading your results you will first need to select the 'Load' option. This will reload the selected job (i.e. highlighted row in the table) into the main Flood Cloud window. Note that while the batch progress and diagnostics information is downloading there will be a delay which can seem like nothing is happening.

Once your batch run has been loaded, you can select one or multiple results to be downloaded by ticking the appropriate box in the 'Run' column. Then click the 'Download Results' button in the toolbar to start the download process. The destination folder will either be the specified output folder for each simulation or, if this cannot be found, the default download folder specified in Flood Cloud settings (when downloading on a different machine to that which the batch was run from).

In addition to providing access to your active simulations, the ‘History’ window also enables you to review who has been using the account recently (options below the table allow you to change the review period). Each job records the username who activated it and also an (optional) identifier that is free text that you can enter (via the ‘Settings’ window) to describe the job, e.g. the associated project name.

The 'History' table has a right-click menu that provides the following options:

  • Load: loads the selected job (i.e. highlighted row in the table) into the main Flood Cloud window.

  • Download results: will directly download a zip file of results for the whole batch. Not needed generally, but provided for cases where other download functionality cannot be used.

  • Cancel job: cancels the selected job if it is still running.

  • Export: exports the contents of the 'History' table to Excel (csv format). This can provide a useful record of account activity, e.g. for calculating charges to individual projects.

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