How to repair projects referencing old files
    • 01 Aug 2022
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    How to repair projects referencing old files

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    If the project you load contains references to files that no longer exist (or have been moved to a different location), these will be displayed in the project panel shaded. This signifies that Flood Modeller does not know where these files are and will not be able to use them in simulations or analyses.

    Flood Modeller provides functionality to repair your project files by specifying revised file paths and file names for the files referenced in the project. There are two options available for updating your project:

    • Update individual file – right-click on any missing (shaded) file in the 'Project' panel and select 'Repair Missing File' from the displayed menu. You will be prompted to browse to a valid file to represent this entry within the project (note, this can have a different filename and location if necessary). After updating, the file will no longer be shaded in the 'Project' panel.
    • Update all missing files in a section – right-click on a project subsection title, for example 'Networks', and select 'Repair Missing Items' from the displayed menu. You will be prompted to specify a folder location. Flood Modeller will then update all missing files within the subsection to use the specified folder. Flood Modeller will then recheck the validity of all updated files and any that do not exist in the revised folder location will remain shaded.

    After completing the repair of your project, use either the 'Save' or 'Save As' buttons in the main toolbar (Home tab > Project section) to save the changes made to your project.

    Note that the checking performed when a project is loaded into Flood Modeller does not include looking inside each file referenced in the project to check if it contains other invalid references, for example the 1D network file (dat file) referenced by a 1D simulation file (ief file) within the project may not exist at the specified folder location. Therefore, you may still need to update individual files in your project to use them fully, for example for re-running simulations. These updates can be carried out in Flood Modeller using the relevant model simulation tools (see sections on defining new 1D and 2D simulations).

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