How to produce a plot of 2D time series results
    • 21 Jun 2023
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    How to produce a plot of 2D time series results

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    To view a Time Series plot of 2D model results, you must first have a completed 2D or 1D-2D linked simulation.

    The plot displays model results at a user specified point within the 2D model domain.


    It is recommended to first load a suitable background layer, such as a DTM, an aerial photo or a map tile. This will assist you to determine the locations to review the time series data.


    1. In the 2D Results section of the Results tab, click the Time Series button. The plotting tool will open in a new window, initially showing a blank time series chart.


      Ensure you are in the correct section of the Results tab; the Time Series button on the far left is for 1D results only.

    2. If not present, select the results file by clicking the button on the top right of the plotting window. Select a variable to plot by clicking in the box next to the dataset. A tick will appear in the box and the associated data will be displayed in the chart.

    3. Click on the Map view and you will see a square (usually red) marking the location where time series data are to be extracted. Every subsequent click on your map view will refresh the chart with data from the revised location.


      The chart toolbar contains access to various functions, including the Quick-Edit tool to effortlessly customise charts. Please see the technical reference for full details.

    4. It is also possible to display time series plots at multiple locations on a single graph. 

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