How to load the 2D flood extent
    • 12 Oct 2022
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    How to load the 2D flood extent

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    On completion of a 2D simulation (2D only, or 2D linked to river and/or urban), you can load the flood extent to view directly in the Map view of the interface. This is helpful to visualise the maximum depth obtained throughout the domain.

    This functionality is only possible if the max extent grid has been created when running your 2D simulation. This is created by default, however if you have manually removed this output from the list, the grid will not be created. In this scenario, an equivalent choice is to load the 9999(max values) timestep data for the Depth variable within the Load 2D Time Series option, please see How to load 2D results for further details.

    To load the flood extent:

    1. In the Simulations section of the Project panel, select the simulation name.
    2. Right-click and navigate to Load maximum flood extent to visualise the flood extent on the Map view. This will also be added as a layer within the Layers panel.

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