GPU-specific Diagnostics
    • 15 Mar 2023
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    GPU-specific Diagnostics

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    Please note that all modelling errors and warning for your 2D models will also apply, however error messages specific to GPU can be found below.

    Error Message


    No GPU card present

    Flood Modeller is unable to find a suitable GPU card. Please ensure you have a GPU card installed that meets GPU Solver Requirements, have installed the latest drivers and have restarted your machine following any new installations.

    Problem with the initialisation of the GPU module...

    The driver of the GPU card may be out-of-date, or the GPU card may be incompatible with the current GPU solver, or its computing capability may not be supported. A list of CUDA-enabled GPU card is provided on the NVIDIA website. Check the computing capability of the card is greater than 5.2.

    Requested device is not found in available device list

    The requested GPU device ID is not valid. Please ensure a valid GPU device ID has been specified. Select “0” if you are unsure about the device ID.

    The update of the 2D flow solution failed at time <time instant>

    The main reason for failing to update the flow solution is model instabilities and GPU-TVD could not provide an accurate flow prediction. Please check the settings of the 2D domain and make sure that the ratio of time step to cell-size is at most 1/10.

    Error occurred while applying 2D flow updates from 1D embedded structures.

    Such errors may be in simulations of 2D domains with embedded culvert. Low-flow conditions, high Froude numbers, missing bed elevation data or steep bed elevation changes in the barrel slope and the upstream/downstream areas may cause instabilities in the solution. The reason for the instability is specified in previous messages. Please make sure barrel slope is not too steep, bed elevation data are not missing from upstream/downstream areas.

    The update of the 1D flow solution failed for ... Domain <domain ID> @ time <time instant>

    The solver used with a linked 1D flow model (1D River/1D Urban) did not converge to a solution. Please check the diagnostics file of the 1D model for further details.

    Time step of 1D model <name> is not multiple of the time step of the linked 2D models. Simulation failed to setup a simulation with linked flow models.

    There is a problem with the simulation settings for linked 1D-2D models. The time step of a1D flow model is not a multiple/devisor of the time step selected with the linked 2D model. Please make sure that the time step of the 1D is equal or a multiple of the 2D model. Selecting 1D time step that is larger than that of the linked 2D model will help in enhancing performance.

    Failed to load library <a.dll> OR Loading procedure <ID> from the library <a.dll>...failed.

    One or more dynamic-link-libraries are missing from the bin folder, or an older version of the dynamic-link-library is used. Try to re-install the software.

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