How to update Flood Cloud batch settings
    • 09 Mar 2023
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    How to update Flood Cloud batch settings

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    The way your simulation details are displayed during a Flood Cloud job is currently set in the Batch Runner interface (and then applied globally to all forms of simulation). 

    If you open the Batch Runner interface prior to starting any simulations in Flood Cloud you can access the batch settings window as shown below (click on 'Settings' button in the Batch Runner toolbar):


    You can change how often Flood Cloud will extract run time data from your simulations. The default for this is currently to sample every timestep. However, if you experience a reduction in model performance it is recommended this setting is increased (e.g. to 10).

    The 'Limit log output' option is ticked on by default. If ticked then the number of rows stored and shown in the output tab of your cloud simulation is limited to the last n rows, where n is the setting in the 'Show rows' box. There is no upper limit implemented for this setting, although if the value is very much higher than the default then this may slow your simulation performance. The minimum value for this setting is 1. Note that this box is only enabled if 'Limit log output' is ticked. The default number of rows to show is 100,000. Note also that this setting will also apply to both locally run batch and single simulations.

    If you view run details during a simulation, i.e. charts for each model (see 'Detail' button in the How to Setup and Run Simulations in Flood Cloud page), then you have two options for configuring this display on your screen. The 'fit to screen' option will display all your simulations at the same time, resizing them accordingly. However, if you select a large number of simulations to display together, this option might make each individual simulation illegible. In this case select the 'scroll horizontally' option as this limits the interface to show no more than about 4 simulations on screen at a time, and provides a scroll bar to move between simulations. Note this setting cannot be changed mid-simulation. 

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