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    • 06 Nov 2023
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    Buy a licence

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    Flood Modeller offers a variety of Editions to best suit your modelling needs, and can be provided as a (fixed-server) Network licence, or a Cloud (flexible) Network licence.

    ReFH2 and WINFAP 5
    ReFH2 and WINFAP 5 Network licences are now available! Contact for further information.

    Network licences allow anybody to access the software when they're not in use, on any machine, as long as they have access to the company network (including VPN). Your licences are not tied to a single machine, meaning you can work more quickly and efficiently with direct access to the data you need. This allows the flexibility to work from any location, at any time - access to your company intranet is all that is required.

    Additionally, Flood Modeller is available as a Standalone licence provided via a USB dongle. 

    We also offer two academic licensing options for Flood Modeller.

    For full details on all options available, please read more on our Pricing page, or contact us at

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