1D solver OpenMI component


This section "Using Flood Modeller 1D Solver OpenMI Component" of Flood Modeller help explains what the OpenMI component does and how it can be used. It provides a guide to using this Component as well.

OpenMI (open modelling interface) standard is an interface for building integrated catchment systems of models by linking different software models (rainfall-runoff models, 1D river models, groundwater models etc.) in a simple ”plug and play” way. When the models are linked using the OpenMI standard, the different model simulations can run in parallel and exchange data at each time step. No programming is required for linking the models that have the OpenMI interface implemented. The OpenMI components implemented in these systems allow them to exchange data during computation (i.e. at run time).

Using this component the users can link Flood Modeller models with other OpenMI-compliant models to better represent the interaction between the river and other systems, e.g. sewer or groundwater.

The OpenMI standard is maintained and supported by the OpenMI association. Please visit the website of the OpenMI association http://www.openmi.org to find out more about this association and the OpenMI standard.

The OpenMI component is implemented using the .Net C# language and is based on version 1.4.0 of the OpenMI standard. Model that you may need to link with Flood Modeller model must have the OpenMI components that have been implemented using the same programming language and based on the same version of the OpenMI standard.

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