Important Flood Modeller Installation Notes

Flood Modeller is provided only as a 64-bit installation (hence v4.4 and later versions will no longer work on a 32-bit operating system).

It is recommended that you are be logged on with Administrator rights when installing Flood Modeller.

Although upgrading from a previous installation should normally pose no problems, if you do encounter problems during or shortly after installing, it is recommended that the old installation is removed before installing Flood Modeller.

Before running an uninstall process, first back-up your .set files (if present - these files are for Sentinel-protected licence holders only). These files are located in:

"C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\Flood Modeller" or

"<Flood Modeller>\bin"

Where <Flood Modeller> is the folder where Flood Modeller has been installed to, by default it is "C:\Program Files\Flood Modeller", and <User Name> is the login name you use to login to the computer.

Additionally, any files you have modified in folders set up by your previous Flood Modeller installation should also be backed up at this stage. If you are upgrading from a version of Flood Modeller earlier than v4.3, it is recommended to back up any files you have modified in the example folder. Depending on your operating system this folder is located at:

In v4.3 the example data are provided in a zipped folder that you can unpack multiple times to multiple locations. Once unpacked these files won’t be affected by a Flood Modeller uninstall.

Now uninstall Flood Modeller from the “Programs and Features” section in the Control Panel and then delete the original <Flood Modeller>\bin folder (if it is still present).

Note: For most users, a typical installation should be sufficient and a custom installation is recommended only for advanced users.  

Purchasers of a new Flood Modeller licence:

Full versions of Flood Modeller are protected using a hardware key (dongle), network users excepted, which should be attached to the USB port on your PC after installation of Flood Modeller.

Further details will accompany your purchase separately.

Existing supported Sentinel dongle licence holders:

Licences issued from late 2013 onwards use the WIBU/Codemeter licence (silver-coloured or compact dongle); those issued in early 2013 and earlier used Safenet/Sentinel technology (black or purple USB, or parallel port dongle).

Your Sentinel dongle should be attached to the USB or parallel port (as appropriate) on your PC before installing Flood Modeller. This will upgrade the dongle to be compatible with the new release. If the dongle is not attached during installation, you must subsequently run the executable <Flood Modeller>\bin\dupdate.exe with the dongle attached. New WIBU (metallic colour or compact [16mm] USB) dongle holders need not follow these steps.

Note that the location for .set files (licence files) in Flood Modeller is  "C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\Flood Modeller". Where <User Name> is the login name you use to login to the computer. Please note, often the 'AppData' folder is set in Windows Explorer to be hidden by default. If this applies to you, manually type the above path into the Windows Explorer address bar (or change your Windows Explorer settings to make hidden folders visible). You should have access to the 'AppData' folder and, all folders underneath it. If you still cannot access the 'AppData' folder, contact your Organisation's IT support as they may need to grant you access.

Network licences:

New network licensees will have installation instructions supplied separately.

Ability to view the available licences from Flood Modeller's Interface:

It is possible to view your available Flood Modeller licences. Select the Start tab (in the upper left corner of the interface). The Info sub-tab (on the left side of the display) should be selected by default. This includes a “Licence information” button in the Flood Modeller Information section of the screen (on the right side), as shown below. When you click this button Flood Modeller will fetch the available licence information and display it in this section of the interface (note this process may take up to a minute to complete).

This information will include the list of licences available to you. If you do not have access to the licensing mechanisms for Flood Modeller, the list will show the available functionality of the free version of the software.

If you would like to stop using the licences you have and switch to using a free version of Flood Modeller, click on the arrow next to the text "Run in free mode". This may be done to free up a network licence for another machine to run simulations, e.g. while you are reviewing results (which can be done in free mode).

Note: If the software protection device is not found, a free version of Flood Modeller will automatically open.

Common issues that may be encountered

Interface display issues: It should be noted that your monitor display zoom level setting in Windows can adversely affect the performance of the Flood Modeller interface. If this is set to any option other than the default 100% (i.e. a zoom level >100%) you may experience problems. The main issue will be that forms will have controls missing, i.e. buttons or scroll bars hidden off the bottom or sides of forms (e.g. 1D node properties windows are often affected). In addition, font sizes may vary across different panels (degrading the appearance of the interface) and menu contents vary (some items hidden).

Note that after changing your display setting back to the 100% level you will need to log out of Windows for the change to take effect. Therefore, ensure your Flood Modeller project work is saved prior to making this change.

Registration failure of mapping component: On some systems, you may see the error message below when you first try to start Flood Modeller.

This relates to the 3rd party mapping component used within the Flood Modeller interface, which must be registered within your system for it to work correctly. The Flood Modeller installer would normally ensure this component is registered automatically. However, if this does not happen you will need to manually register it. To help with this Flood Modeller includes a program you can run to perform this registration. The procedure for running this registration process is as follows:

If the manual registration has completed successfully then the original error message should no longer be displayed when you run Flood Modeller and the software should start-up successfully.


If you have any queries or problems with the installation then please contact Flood Modeller Software Support for assistance at or telephone +44 (0)845 094 7994.