Flood Modeller

Flood Modeller is a flexible and comprehensive package of tools for deriving flood maps, flood forecasting, designing flood management schemes, developing catchment strategies and many other flood and non-flood applications including modelling low flows, sediment and water quality.

To start using the help system, click on a keyword below. Alternatively, use the full table of contents or search facility from the main menu on the left hand panel (you may need to first click on the Show button in the toolbar).


Getting started: Running a 1D Model; Running a 2D Model, Licencing.

Selecting your modelling tool: 1D; 2D; Linked Model; MAST; Damage Calculator.

Data: Cross Sections (for 1D); Boundary Conditions (1D and 2D); Hydrology; Ground Grid (for 2D); Roughness.

Build a model: Structures (for 1D): Bridges, Culverts, Orifices, Weirs; GIS Data (for 2D); Linked Simulations: 1D-TUFLOW; 1D-SWMM; 2D-SWMM; 1D-FAST; Open MI, 1D nodes reference.

Run a simulation: 1D; 2D; Linked; Batch Simulator; Flood Cloud.

Review model results: Viewing 1D or 2D Results.  

Generate flood map: Using 1D or 2D Flood Calculators; TIN Creation.

Post-process the results: Event Duration Grid, MAST, UMap.

Present model results: Maps; Flood Viewer project , Animations.